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To redefine your expectations
for how a breakfast and
lunchtime place makes you

(we hope it makes you feel good)

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  • Chorizo Hash

Our Story

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A Bit about Friska.

Quite simply our mission is to redefine your expectations of how a Breakfast and Lunch place makes you feel. We want our food, our service and our general ethos to really make you feel great about visiting and hopefully over time you’ll actually love what we are all about.

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Our Food

Whether you are eating in or taking away you can always be sure our food will be deliciously fresh and always made with quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. …read more

At first glance our menu looks a bit all over the place; Breakfast Toasties, Porridge, Eggs on Toast, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Vietnamese Pho Noodles, Khobez Wraps and of course how could we forget our legendary HotBoxes.

Sounds all over the place right?

Well it kind of is, but somehow it works and does “make sense” when you see it all come together in one of our places (not quite a restaurant not quite a café so we just call them places).

We try not to be too influenced by the latest food fads (burgers one minute, raw food the next) and instead look around the world for our inspiration; from the Deep South with our legendary Chicken and Chorizo Gumbo to the street’s of Mexico City with our Mexican Pulled Pork and Butterbean Verde, from the backwaters of Kerala with our Butternut and Black Bean Dopiaza to the markets of Thailand with our Pad Thai Chicken Noodles we hope you’ll find all our dishes delicious.

It’s not all “worldie” food though, The House Bacon came from a weekend of menu development while holidaying in a cottage in south Devon, the combination of Crispy Bacon, Avocado, Fresh Tomato and a Sun Dried Tomato Dressing was quite simply the best bacon sandwich we’d ever had and so we just had to put it on the menu.

So whether you are after Breakfast, Lunch or something in between, Eating in or taking away, we think you’ll love our food.

N.B. If ever you have an idea for a new dish on the menu or think we’ve fallen short of our promise in terms of our food being delicious, fresh and wow inducing then please please please let us know, we’d really appreciate it.

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Our Service

For us it’s not just about the food, we actually think the way it’s served is just as important as the food itself. Truly memorable service doesn’t come from scripts and remembering to offer a loyalty card (although our loyalty cards are great), it comes from people who really care about the way they make others feel and take real pleasure from making someone’s day.

At Friska we look for character and a real sense of fun in the people we work with. We hope this fun comes through in our service and every now and then makes your day.

N.B. If ever you’ve felt that something in our service style doesn’t quite feel right then please let us know as we are always wanting to improving peoples experiences at Friska.

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Do(ing) The Right Thing

Doing the right thing and making responsible choices is core to “Feel Good” ethos.

We are committed to making a positive social and environmental impact wherever we can, and, where there is an inevitable negative impact, like with our packaging, we look to manage it in the best way possible.

So far this probably reads like any other “look how nice we are” section of a companies about us page, so here’s some of the things that we actually do to make these principles real. …read some more

MEAT // Our meats are all free range.
ENERGY // We power our stores with 100% renewable energy from our friends at OVO.
WASTE // We recycle, compost or incinerate our waste with nothing going to landfill.
EMPLOYMENT // We believe we are a really good employer and want to be the best in our industry.
GOOD CAUSES // We have partnerships with a number of good causes including one we are massively proud of in the Deki Partnership.

Three Star Sustainability Champion // All these things add up to us being a Three Star Member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association which is a great start.

If you can think of anything else we should be doing in terms of being a good business please do let us know, we don’t profess to know it all or be perfect but we are committed to being better.

That just about covers it.
Food, Service and Doing things properly is what we are all about. When we get it right (which admittedly isn’t every single time) people feel good and that’s good enough for us.

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Griff Holland and Ed Brown

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  • Best Salmon Salad in Bristol

A bit about the founders

The idea for Friska came in 1999 when I went on a house exchange to California. I came across loads of fresh and incredibly tasty fast food places and thought “wouldn’t it be great if we had something like this back home”.

Griff and Ed on Friska opening day 2009

After some time backpacking around India, Vietnam and Thailand which included a whole load of market research I decided to come back to the UK and crack on with this idea.

Admittedly the first attempt failed before it even really started (it’s a long story which saw me end up in court and lose loads of money which if you are interested I’d be happy to tell you about it) but as the old adage goes, every cloud has a silver lining and after the first failure I bumped into Ed at an event and we really hit it off.

At the time Ed was working on an internet start-up but soon realised that he just wasn’t a computer guy in the technical sense nor was he a millionaire who could employ a team to help him.

We both had a very similar vision of firstly what we thought a great business should be all about; namely something to feel proud about, something that people loved and something with a real purpose over and above the financial side of things, it must have a real social conscience, oh and of course it had to be a lot of fun.

So in January 2009 we decided to go into business together and opened the first Friska on the 15th October 2009. Within the first 3 years of Friska’s life we went from working with 3 people and losing loads of money and serving a few people a day to working with over 40 people and serving 1000’s of people a day. Happy Days.

Ed and Griff in 2014

If you want to get in touch with us then please do. You can find our details on the contact page.

Griff and Ed on Friska opening day 2009

Ed and Griff in 2014

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  • Soup and Sandwich
  • Porridge

What we look for // People with passion, character and a commitment to doing a great job.

What we offer // A fun career in a great company with lots of development opportunities and industry leading benefits including a private health plan, cycle to work scheme, pensions and lots more.

Hang on just a sec though // Before you get in touch, please take the time to look at our menu and find out what we are all about. There are loads of places out there you can work at and we think it’s really important to find somewhere that feels right for you. Friska might be that place or it might not.

So if you like the look of our menu, feel inspired by our values and ethos and, crucially, if our mission of redefining expectations really excites you then Friska might be the right place for you.

If we tick your boxes and you believe you have something to offer in terms of your people, kitchen or hospitality skills then we’d love to hear from you.

Apply and attach your CV.

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  • Friska at 36 Victoria Street Bristol
  • Catering

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