World Water Day: The Baiga women from Amlidih

by Lottie on March 22, 2017 Comments Off on World Water Day: The Baiga women from Amlidih

Whenever we meet with our partners Frank Water, we’re always left inspired by some of the amazing stories they have to tell. If you live in Bristol you’ll have come across Frank Water before; they’re the guys with FRANK on the bottle, they also run popular campaigns such as Kama Korma and Drink Me Save Lives! ‘Bought a water from Friska recently?’ – Give yourself a pat on the back because 10p from every bottle sold goes toward supporting Frank Water and all of their charitable work around the world.

Since 2005 Frank have been improving the lives of people that aren’t fortunate enough to have clean drinking water or sanitation. They’ve currently funded sanitation for more than 333,000 people in 300 communities and over the next couple of days we’re going to pass on just a few of the success stories that Frank have shared with us.

Girls carrying water

The Baiga women from Amlidih

The beautiful, strong Baiga women from Amlidih village, are happy with their newfound freedom now that they have access to water in their own village. Before, they’d make a 3km round trip to the nearest temple to collect water but they were limited to one bucket each per day which was rarely enough for the whole family, so they’d send the strongest members of the community on a further 2km to collect water from a handpump in a different village. A 7km round trip, which would take up a significant part of the day, preventing them from working in the forest and fields and earning money. Their relief was tangible and the time they have now is golden.

To continue this life changing work, Frank are marking World Water Day 2017 with their Drop4Drop appeal. Frank are offering you the chance to change twice as many lives by making a small donation to their go-fund-me page. Simply make a donation and it will be doubled. Giving just £13 will provide one person with safe water and sanitation, and by following the link below and donating to the Drop4Drop appeal you’ll be doubling your donation at no extra cost!!

Water is a human right yet some people in the world are without safe, clean access. If you want to know more or feel compelled to join the Frank Water quest to provide sanitation and fresh water across India, click the link below.

Support the Drop4Drop appeal






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LottieWorld Water Day: The Baiga women from Amlidih

New Year, Fresh Start

by Lottie on February 9, 2016 Comments Off on New Year, Fresh Start

At Friska, we’re all about fresh starts. Not to spout that ‘new year, new us’ thing, but this year really is full of new things for us: we’re opening a new store in Birmingham (our first outside of Bristol! Sup, Brum?), we’ve got some exciting new internal happenings, and we’re making some new connections in our lovely Bristol community.

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LottieNew Year, Fresh Start

Our January Deki Entrepreneur

by Lottie on February 1, 2016 Comments Off on Our January Deki Entrepreneur

Meet Betty. This month she’s borrowed £230 from our Deki fund, which means she can start expanding her paper bead–making business and better support her family. We can get behind that.

Read on after the break.

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LottieOur January Deki Entrepreneur

Friska’s Deki Entrepreneur for October

by Lottie on September 18, 2014 Comments Off on Friska’s Deki Entrepreneur for October

We at Friska like to do good and spread love – and generally just be bright and shiny people.  Since March last year we have had a partnership with the lovely people over at Deki, and every month we lend to an entrepreneur in countries such as South Sudan, Malawi and Ghana. The money comes from the sales of our Pho Noodles (which are life changing in both their taste and their social reach!). Think of it as crowd sourcing at lunch.

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LottieFriska’s Deki Entrepreneur for October

Now it’s time for Autumn…

by Lottie on September 4, 2014 Comments Off on Now it’s time for Autumn…

Forgive me, I’m about to gush on you about how much I love Autumn – I’m an autumn baby  so
I just can’t help myself. Yes yes, summer’s lush, we all get to wear flip flops, run away for the weekend to the beach, get sand in our eyes and then complain that it’s just that little bit too hot – “anything above 25 and it just gets a bit much for me.” For me Autumn is where it gets

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LottieNow it’s time for Autumn…